Our new update rate card includes a 30 Night+ price for Long Term rentals. You can get this rate for each 30 day increment that you book. If you're not sure how long you need, book 1 month only and let us know ASAP if you intend to stay. We can't guarantee a longer length than 30 days in the same unit unless we have a contract for the specific days that you need. If you have booked for longer than 30 days in your original contract but end up needing to leave sooner, we require a 30 day notice for an unexpected change to leave early. We do not prorate at those rates. We block those from being able to take nightly or weekly rentals for the duration of your contract. Although we don't prorate, you can notify us that you wish to move out before the end of the current 30 period and we will bill at the daily, weekly or monthly rate, whichever is lowest for the additional days in a partial 30 day period.